Guest Post: Luxury Travel Around Menorca by Sally Lynch

Luxury Travel Around Menorca

Most people think of Menorca as just another family package holiday island. Think again – the island is remarkably unspoilt in this modern fly anywhere in the world age. The interior of the island is lush boasting rolling hills and the shoreline is spectacular boasting white sand beaches and crystal clear waters.

Menorca is a well-kept secret and it’s one that needs to be investigated because this is one stylish island that has a lot to offer which doesn’t include flocks of tourists.


Beautiful peaceful bays of Menorca

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A Wonderful Peaceful Paradise Balearic Island

The one thing that Menorca has a lot of is space and peacefulness. A cove like Cala d’Algaiarens is just one of the idyllic locations where you get to enjoy the entire place and the amazing thing is you get to have it all to yourself. Turquoise seas, superbly clean beaches and foxgloves growing along the shoreline that slowly melts into fresh scented woodlands. It’s an island that offers its visitors the luxury of space and tranquillity making Menorca a more natural and authentic destination to choose when thinking about visiting the Balearic Islands.

A UNESCO Biosphere Reserve

Back in 1993, the island was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve and today conservation of the natural beauty of the island both its flora and fauna, is taken very seriously. Tourists who visit Menorca appreciate this beauty in all its glory and will be able to do so for years to come.

The island also has a strong bond with Barcelona, the Catalan capital of Spain. This has added a certain cachet to Menorca. The bars found around the harbour of Es Grau are proof of this up-market feel the island has adopted. Es Grau does not boast a hotel but it’s a real Menorcan resort that’s stylish, authentic and has a lot of class – which naturally, visitors from the mainland and in particular from Barcelona really appreciate.

M2Pure style and luxury

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Classic, Stylish Four and Five Star Hotels

Because the island is so tranquil, it is turning into the idyllic family holiday destination with a difference. There’s a superb selection of four and five star hotels which include the Hotel Santo Tomas, situated right on the beach. Another choice is the Insotel Club Punta Prima, boasting a good variety of facilities – ideal for families. The Hotel Port Mahon boasts a wonderful location on a palm lined promenade, making it a lovely choice of places to stay during a trip to Menorca.

Eating Out is a Real Pleasure

Eating out on the island is a real pleasure, the fish and shellfish are all locally caught and served as fresh as you will ever get. Naturally every visitor to the island has to sample the mayonnaise – it was after all invented in Menorca. Then there are all the marvellous artisan cheeses made in the interior that have to be tasted and appreciated. Below are a couple of restaurants worth putting on a list of places to dine at in style.

Café Balear – Ciutadella

This is a delightful restaurant found in Ciutadella where the food served is out of this world. Try the Caldereta de Langosta, a Menorcan speciality. The location of the restaurant is idyllic, right on the waterfront and the ambiance is relaxed and friendly, serving the freshest of fresh produce. The restaurant is closed on Sundays during the summer months and on Mondays in the winter.

Meson Del Puerto – Port Mahon

Another superb traditional restaurant is situated in Port Mahon, Meson Del Puerto serves excellent dishes as well as some delicious cured hams. The cuisine is a mixture of Basque and Menorquin a combination that works incredibly well. The clam stew is one of the restaurants’ signature dishes that have to be tasted.


Of all the Balearic Islands, Menorca has captured and retained its own unique identity – it is this that sets it apart from the other islands. The peacefulness and tranquillity of Menorca married to the beauty both along the coast and inland, makes it such an idyllic ‘getaway’ paradise and as a bonus, it’s so easy to get to being such a short flight away.

Sally Lynch is a Menorca and Cote D’azur expert in travelling. She is spending her life in the luxury villas of Menorca, tasting and rejoicing in the distinct culture of Balearic islands. She also committed sharing this experience with anyone interested in Mediterranean culture and climate.

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